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The winner of the third prize Great Italian Gardens

The garden of 7 acres surrounding the neo-classical country villa built in 800. The construction started in 2000 by Rossella Pezzino de Geronimo with the idea of ​​creating a contemporary flower garden where they merge about 900 species of rare tropical and sub-tropical plants. A cozy garden divided into rooms concatenated, by natural and free of geometries, a sensory journey that reveals itself a little at a time, which has as its theme the colors and scents of vines and flowering shrubs, and the swish of the water. Today you can admire a garden of the East and a zen garden both strong symbolic connotations; At the end of the tour, you complete sensory journey appreciating the flavors of home cooking with tasty and delicious finger food menu. The Rooms in flower Canalicchio, winner of the third prize Great Italian Gardens 2011 for the highest level of service, good governance and care of the gardens visited.

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