Rossella Pezzino de Geronimo created the Garden of Beyond in 2016. The highly symbolic garden laden with imagery begins with a purifying watercourse. The passageway is rather difficult to cross, as the visitor has to jump onto disjointed little lava islands, and is positioned at the centre of a black and white cloud symbolising yin and yang, or the complementarity of light and darkness. 

At the end lies a large circular sculpture depicting the ouroboros:  a snake biting its own tail, symbolising death and re-birth.

Beyond the snake, and therefore beyond death, lies the Garden of Eden, brimming with colours and exotic fruit, at the centre of which stands a bronze egg, symbolising the start of a new life.

The soft green ocean before us is stirred by the wind, and the alyssum plants scattered on the crest of the waves evoke the white foamy sea.

Beyond the sea is a new world, populated by two bronze moons that guide the visitor towards an intricate, dense and impassable primeval forest: earth, the first of the four elements. 

In 2017, Rossella completed the second element: fire. Here the visitor is surrounded by rare exotic plants with leaves, flowers and fruit the colour of flames.

The third element, water, was completed in 2018. An enchanting waterway winds through the garden, dotted with lotus blossoms and tropical water lilies, interrupted here and there by merry waterfalls flowing out of impressive lava formations, surrounded by some of the first plants to appear on earth:  ferns,  horsetail and graminaceous plants in a great variety of sizes and species.

The last element, air, was designed and created in 2019 on terraced slopes, surrounded by ancient olive, oak, pistachio and almond trees growing amidst spectacular formations of volcanic rock of a great variety of different shapes and sizes.

A place now studded with multicoloured roses planted in rows on different levels, as if to evoke the thousand hues and stripes of the sky at dawn and sunset.

This dream landscape is interrupted by spectacular white hydrangeas, iceberg roses and dark-leafed plants set between boulders of lava.

Paths snake across this visionary landscape, between fantastic white and black clouds, patches of blue sky and plants in warm colours evoking the sun: a creative dream that makes its mark.

Great gardens of the world

In 2020, the garden was included in “Great Gardens of the World”, an ambitious project that aims to promote the art and beauty found in gardens, identified as sources of inspiration for the new generations. The Swiss foundation belonging to the famous company Rado selected and created a network of 200 historical, modern and contemporary gardens. These are located in 20 countries and span four continents, with at most 10 gardens per country.

“Le Stanze in fiore” were chosen from the Italian contemporary gardens open to the public. 

A sensory experience, a unique, highly evocative tour, a truly immersive visit ending with delicious finger food in the “Stanze in fiore” gardens.

A paradise on earth that restore balance to the soul and peace to the senses.

From 2022, the garden will host events, weddings, ceremonies and outdoor performances.

Guided tours and events

Guided tours

Creativity, tradition and experimentation: A path of scents and emotions, you can relax while admiring, but also savoring a breakfast in the garden, with delicious home cooking menus.


Le Stanze in Fiore is also an Events space.The garden becomes an exclusive location, an extraordinary setting for unparalleled events.


Via Pietra dell’Ova, 181

95125 Catania (Sicily – Italy)

Telefono: +39 3489794746

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