The rooms in flower:  The garden of rebirth is how the woman behind all this beauty, Rossella Pezzino de Geronimo, describes it; a mirror of the artist’s soul and growth, a symbolic place that takes the visitor on an ‘inner voyage’ among a thousand species of rare tropical and sub-tropical plants, contemporary sculptures, and ornamental representation of the four elements: air, water, earth and fire”.

The seven-hectare garden surrounds a neoclassical country villa built in the nineteenth century.

Work on this paradise on earth began in the year 2000, with the idea of creating a romantic, welcoming garden that appears to be naturally divided into a series of connected “rooms”: a sensory progression that is revealed to the visitor a bit at a time, all revolving around the intense colours and fragrances of climbing plants and flowering shrubs, underlined by the constant rhythm of water flowing through streams and ponds packed with colourful water-lilies.

The garden, in which an old lava drinking trough has been converted into a splashing fountain with three cascading jets of water, and the tumble-down little canals of Arabian inspiration that flow placidly throughout the grounds, speak of the secrets and evocative beauty of Rossella’s extensive travels in the Orient. 

This fascinating place where the visitor is faced with a new surprise at every turn combines gardens divided by theme area and geography, such as a dense Burmese garden, a simple Zen garden and a highly symbolic Chinese garden containing eight connected lakes, set among lava stones of timeless, harmonious beauty. 

Prizes and awards

In 2011 the ‘Le Stanze in Fiore’ garden was awarded third place in the ‘Grandi Giardini Italiani 2011’ rankings for its “outstanding standard of maintenance, good governance and care of its public gardens”.

In 2020, the garden was included in “Great Gardens of the World”, an ambitious project that aims to promote the art and beauty found in gardens, identified as sources of inspiration for the new generations. The Swiss foundation belonging to the famous company Rado selected and created a network of 200 historical, modern and contemporary gardens. These are located in 20 countries and span four continents, with at most 10 gardens per country.

“Le Stanze in fiore” were chosen from the Italian contemporary gardens open to the public.